Student Special Interest Groups (SSIGs)

Student Special Interest Groups (SSIGS) help students develop a professional network, optimise communication skills, strengthen their knowledge base, and refine their interests.

We strongly encourage our students to create new SSIGS or join existing ones.

SSIGs are managed by students for students. 

If you decide to create a new SSIG, please send an email with the following information and it will be advertised on the current page:

SSIG name

SSIG Leader

SSIG Leader’s email address

Brief description of the group

Link to Facebook group, or webpage



The following is a list of previous SSIGs:


SSIG NameSSIG LeaderDescription
3DAndrew RennieThe 3D SSIG works with emerging 3D interaction technology such as the Oculus Rift to create new immersive experiences. The most recent project was a sci-fi sandbox game using the Oculus Rift and the Leap Motion where the player can pilot a spaceship through an asteroid field and onto an unknown planet.

RoboticsSam Fallahi

Schools OutreachManoj Vaseekharan

SecuritySiri Vinay

Experimental PrototypesDavid Lipowicz
See here for more information.

High Frequency, Algorithmic and Quant TradingHenry Scott-GreenlySee here for more information.

Web Science and CloudNicola Greco

This group focus on new Web technologies and ranges from:
- crowd & cloud computing
- data visualisation
- webRTC and peer-to-peer web
- open data, big data & data visualization

See here for more information.

Crescent Quant ClubHui GongThe Crescent Quant Club deals with the cutting-edge Quant and Computational finance specializing in designing innovative application for Financial Industry. It is a learning platform for software, mathematical and other skills.
Two academic supervisor: Donald Lawrence and Denise Gorse